Life is shit when your family doesn't care

Created by ethereal09 on Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey there mom, how are you today,

How well went the new day?

Please answer, I can’t know, to you I’m not close,

My throat from pain is dry and hoarse.

What’s up, daddy, where’s the old you?

Did mommy going away ruin your life too,

Because I see you every night going at the local bar

That isn’t from home far.

Alcohol so much, getting drunk,

Yeah, you make me go into a blue funk.

Hitting and screaming, not ever stopping,

Telling me that around I’m only mopping.

“No help what-so-ever,”

That “things will stay like this forever”.

Always blaming this on me, “you were a mistake”.

Indeed, such a disgrace and a fake.

Hey there brother, how’s it going?

Are you still studying and books around throwing,

Too busy to even call once in half an year.
At least you won’t be like father and only drink beer,

Hey little sister, is mom good to you,

She didn’t ruin your life too?
I really hope you’re happy, it makes me smile

And stop thinking about my nightmares once in a while.

They make my heart hurt -

Father makes me feel like I’m dirt,

Mother’s far away, I’m sure she cares

Yet she’s too busy with my sister’s own nightmares

To even care that I’m not home at night,

To even know of the all the pain, fright

And abuse when father comes back.

Yeah, makes me think of all the things I actually lack.

Mommy, daddy, why did you two split and divorce,

Didn’t you know it’d make the situations for us worse?

Weren’t you the ones that made big brother go to the USA,

Wasn’t mother the one that went away one Friday?

Mommy, daddy, tell me now,

How did this happen. Yes, how?

Weren’t you to blame for my bigger sister’s death,

That she couldn’t take in her last breath.

Weren’t you the reason that she was involved into a car crash,

Weren’t you the reason that she saw the light flash,

The light tunnel when everything went black.

Indeed, we can’t take time back.

At least little sister is okay with you, mother,

Yet I can’t say that about me and father.

The family’s split all over the world,

And my heart starts to hurt

Every time I think of this situation.


© Copyright Mileya Marinova Temnyalova 2009

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