Romance Is Dead Love Is a Lie, Innocent Hearts Always Die

for Allie. a.k.a oldskoolrace1022. im reeeeeally sorry. hope this helps :] {{pic drawn by xxloverxdudexchris}}

Created by musickidxx on Saturday, July 11, 2009

he said he'd never hurt you. but girl, that's a lie
he told you he loved you. then left you to cry
all the times you shared. all the laughed you had
he turned against you, to make you sad
you didn't want to break him. he only broke you
he tore your heart. slowly in two
romance is dead. love is the slowest kill
he said he never leave you. but he always will
he played you girl, just like a toy

he wanted you as part of his ploy

listen girl, this was his plan from the start
wanting to slowly eat at your heart
i know it hurts but it can soon be healed
listen girl, he was the only one who wasn't true
the only person he broke was you
it's not your fault you were blinded by his love game
for this happinging he is to blame
if he didn't want to love you for the rest of your years
then girl...he was never worth your tears


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