Stab. (A Knife Crime Prevention Poem)

Today we did some work on Knife Crime in school and it really got to me. There was a really sad video that made me and some of my classmates cry. This is a poem for all those who have had someone die from being a victim of knife crime.:(

Created by Marie818 on Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me and Carly were friends,
we were the best of mates,
bestbuddies til the end,
but something changed.
We were walking home one day,
then we saw a gang,
keeping our heads down,
i remember we ran.
But Carly was too slow,
she fell down,
the gang was laughing,
and i kick my self now.
I didnt do anything,
all i did was stare,
as Carly was crying,
but i was too scared.
The gang was armed,
pulled out a knife,
and in that split second,
Carly was harmed.
I was crying,
but the gang walked away,
Carly was dying,
and i didnt stay.
I ran from her,
and left her there to die,
best friends we were,
but that is now a lie.
Carly died that day,
she was stabbed,
and because i was stupid,
they gang got away.
Dont do what i did,
report what you see,
dont let someone die,
help stop knife crime.

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