I Only Want To Be With You


Created by amyloveslewis on Thursday, July 23, 2009

Like I've said before love lasts forever,

I thought only said it because we got together.

I thought I could moved on for a while, not realizing that I'd soon miss your smile.

A few days away from each other gave me time to notice that I wanted no other

I take the blame for us turning out that way.

But my love for you had remained the same.

My love stayed true, I only wanted to be with you.

I missed you like crazy, I knew you'd still call me your lady?

I've loved you since the start, us being apart tore up my heart.

When I closed my eyes you were are all I seen, Oh God baby how I wanted you

here with me.

If anything could last forever its the love I have for you, when things go wrong

as they sometimes do love will always help us through.

You are my dream that will never die, being away from you made me cry.

You're the one I lean on when I feel blue and when I don't know what to do.

I thought I could move on, but baby I was wrong.

You're the answer to my prayers, my star in the sky, my dream come true...

I Only Want To Be With You!!!


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