You Deserve More

This is just something I wrote based off of my feelings for somebody. :)

Created by sgabby827 on Saturday, July 25, 2009

I didn't think I could love you
Until I fell so hard
You were so wrong to me
It left me feeling scarred
Then you changed so much
You were completely new
I thought it was impossible
To fall in love with you
But I did, and oh so fast
I stumbled, completely blind
I loved you in my heart
Hated you in my mind
But your beauty overtook me
Your flaws seem so very small
Anger, resentment, bitterness, and heartbreak
Were all lost in the fall
And I wanted you so badly
To tell the honest truth
Explain just what I love
Be withyou in your youth.
But it can't be, forbidden love
Love that will never be
Temptation stronger than Eve
Eating from the tree
You see, I loved you too much
To let you love me back
My mind fights me over and over
I'm too weak to fight back.
I can never love you,
Not as you should be
I feel I owe you one thing
To explain, to some degree.
My love, my dear, my only one
Beautiful as could be
Right here, I have to let you go.
For you deserve much more than me.

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