~*~so who cares~*~

just a little poem but it kinda sound like a song but oh well

Created by 15killerkim on Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Who Cares

They say I’m heartless but maybe I’m just careless.

Compared to others they say I’m fearless but to be honest with you that I don’t give a shit.

So who cares that I’m a bitch that more of a reason for you to be scare shitless.

So who cares that I live on the same street as you.

I don’t expect you to greet me as I passed by.

I walk these streets alone but at least I’m not your clone.

So at least I’m free.

So I can see who you really are,

So here I am driving my car

Trying to get away as far as I could.

But why should I care I have my father’s heart beating telling me to keep on going straight forward towards my end.

I have my mother’s body that I don’t have to think twice that I don’t take shit from anybody, I’m here to move my body till it’s my end.

So who care that you are or were my friend because in the end it all wouldn’t matter.

So don’t try to flatter me because you’re not worth it.

Everyday I look what the damage that was done to this earth.

I walk around and the guys say hi but they want something more and girls who were once friends left me behind and don’t seem to care anymore.

So who fucking cares I’m still here still walking on your street.

I got a new freaky attitude with my new freaky tattoo.

Now if a bimbo slut messes with me you know you’ll want to sue me.

So who cares if you try to blow my cool to me your nothing but a tool.

And in the end you’re the one looking like the fool.

She the laughter type while I’m slaughter type who watching the ones larking in the night’s shadows whiles she talking to that fellow

Oh well

Why should I care?

I’m hanging down low while she had gone banging that poor fellow.

Well what would he won’t know won’t hurt him till he find out…

That she covered head to toe of diseases I bet it won’t be easy when he’ll know.

I bet he’ll throw a show to let her know what he got.

She already knows that why she running and there she goes!

Can’t you believe she a real heartless hoe while I’m a careless bitch.

She act like she so rich but she just a plan witch but there day where she makes me so sick!

But why should I care this is my life I don’t care if I die, my life been a lie from the start.

Just let me lie down watching the stars way up high in the sky. I wonder why that they shine so bright with an undying light that seems like a lie.

It makes you want to fly when you see something so beautiful but life is never like that it’s so dreadful when you’re no longer useful you feel so see though and all you’ll think is “what am I going to do?” when you already know, it’s to begin a new…

Life never has to end so soon, you only need to know something new…

I may not care but it’s only a lie I don’t watch the world go round I watch everyone to let them know even I don’t really know why I do but I do.

I care about everyone even the ones I don’t even really know but who cares at least I care deep down.

Who said a bitch don’t care when they really do I bet that really blew your mind!

Now don’t you mind I need to find something new for my life that not a lie and make me want to die but I’m only one of a kind to this world.

So here I come to unfold my wings and fly that life doesn’t have to be a lie.

So this time is you my delight to see the light of this message is shinning so bright but can you see it’s meaning that I trying say what I’m seeing now.

If you can’t it means I’m free and so you can be too but you have to see though it but don’t throw it away.

By: whisper

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