Heart Racing


Created by RyanDrake on Monday, July 27, 2009

Honestly It's amazing how I thought I could get with you

It was crazy when I first met with you

I tired to do it, but I couldn't keep my cool

You were there, so you know that it's true

I thought, probably all night and day

About what I could have, but I didn't say

Instead, I was like "um yeah"

And just stood there and played with my hands

I could have quickly came up with something clever,

Quoted a love song, or maybe even better

But as clear I remember,

I just looked at you andI thought about the weather

Or something else, not the least bit romantic

I was struggling like a fish trapped in plastic

Hopeless, and stranded at sea,

Just waiting for a boat to come and rescue me

But it didn't come, at least not soon enough

I felt really stupid among other stuff

So then I promised you,

That I'd tell you the truth

And you promised me,

That no matter what it was, it wouldn't bother you

Then I told you with my face red

And my heart racing

Until days end,

I'd like you to be my maiden

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