Its Been 3 Years (depressing love poem)

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Created by Vampirefreaks133 on Sunday, March 12, 2006

Click here to read my poem. It is very sad, to me at least.
Its been 3 years,
That you've been gone,
And yet I still,
Can't move on.
I tryed dating other people,
And I went to therapy,
But I just can't get rid of,
The memories of you, from me.
At night I cry,
Because I miss you so bad,
And everytime I hear your name,
It makes me sad.
I know you didn't mean,
To leave me here alone,
The playground and tire-swing we played on,
I have outgrown.
I remember your laugh,
And your dorky smile,
To get rid of this misery,
Will take awhile.
You used to make me so happy,
When I would open my door to find you,
We played together for hours,
And had fun with everything we would do.
Sometimes I wonder,
Why you left this world and me,
I really loved you more then a freind,
And thats what I always wanted you to see.
But now that your gone,
I don't know what to do,
The flowers we onced picked,
Are no longer new.
I still remember our last day,
It was the greatest one ever,
I thought I could tell you,
That I wanted us to be together.
You said goodbye and went home,
And gave me one last cheek kiss,
What I didn't know,
Is that its the one I still miss.
I went home and woke up the next day,
To find my mom her eyes red like she cried,
She told me that last night,
You had died.
I ran to your house,
My eyes filled with tears,
The police gave me a box you wanted me to have,
It had all the suicidal poems from over the years.
It took me 46 hours and 13 mintues,
To read them all,
And half of them were love notes for me,
And my heart was about to fall.
I cried endlessly,
Not knowing why you had to go,
Now I'm slowing turning suicidal,
And I gotta make sure it don't show.
I still dream about us swinging together,
And playing in the pool,
If only I knew you were hurting so much,
I feel like a fool.
Now I'm planning the days,
Until I can meet you,
I'm going to commit suicide,
And just what I'm going to do.
I love you more,
Then I love my own life,
Thats why I'm willing to take it away,
With this very knife.
By the end of this week,
I will already be dead,
I've decided to slit my wrists,
And then a shot to the head.
So don't worry my love,
We'll be together soon,
So we can be swinging together,
Just after noon.

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