Forever Loved, and Dearly Missed

this is for my grandpa, who just passed away a little while ago. i love him and so i wrote this poem in his memory. i LUV YA GRAMPS!

Created by bittersweet22124 on Sunday, August 02, 2009

Forever Loved, Dearly Missed

By: bittersweet22124

The life you lived

The gifts you gave

everymemory you made

run through my mind at your grave

The tears we cried

knowing we lost you
could drown this world
making land a river run through

i can feel you still
comforting the loss
your death has saved you from pain
but at such high a cost

theres a letter here
you never read
full of all the love that we felt
and the things we never said

You never heard those last “good- byes”

Never saw all those loving tears we cry
You never know untilhe's gone
the love you feel for just one guy

there's a feeling here inside our hearts

a love so strong and true
a love so pure that we all know
it was meant for only you

But Now you’ve felt the power

Of death’s bitter- sweet kiss

And up in heaven always know:

You’re forever loved, and dearly missed

©Reyna Adams 2009

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