I'm Sorry I Wasn't There

I'm sorry Seth. I know you needed me and I know i ignored it.

Created by invadertak7 on Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you
When he said he couldn't stay
I'm sorry I couldn't comfort you
When he up and walked away
I'm sorry I didn't see the scars
And pulled you aside to see
I'm sorry you've given up on life
And that theres more to me
I'm sorry that people don't like you
Just because you're gay
I'm sorry that people are stupid
And don't have the nerve to say
I'm sorry you're mommy hits you
And you daddy's doing drugs
I'm sorry your sissy's a dealer
And is always bringing home thugs
I'm sorry you feel all alone inside
And that no one really knows
I'm sorry you think of suicide
And this whole 'life' thing blows
I'm sorry I couldn't dry your tears
When you needed me there most
I'm sorry theres no way to save you now
And theres nothing left to boast
I'm sorry that you survived as well
And the pills you took had failed
I'm sorry you had to live through that
And your life had been de-railed
I'm sorry the tests were positive
And your lungs were going to die
I'm sorry you had to go with them
And lleave me here to cry
I'm sorry there wasn't a cure yet
For the type of disease you had
I'm sorry your family is happy you're gone
I'm sorry that they're just not sad
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you
When it all started out so small
I'm sorry I couldnt read the signs
That lead to your epic fall

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