An Apology For My Best Friend


Created by JTgothicXemoX on Thursday, August 06, 2009

So you don't know what to say.
Neither do i.
Let's just say i'm here to apologize.
I'm sorry for that scare the other day.
I'm sorry i just couldn't take the pressure.
I swear,
I never meant to.
You should know that.
We've been best friends since third grade.
We've been through everything, together.
Why can't we just eave this all behind?
It'll be easy.
Just forget the past,
And look forward to the future.
We met for a reason,
That reason was already exposed two weeks ago.
You were there for me,
When he confessed.
You were there for me,
When she told me she never loved me.
You were there for me,
When she told me she hated me.
You were there for me,
Through everything.
I'll be there for you,
Through everything.
Remember that time,
When we jumped off the dock,
And into the lake?
That was an awesome vacation.
I'm losing my point.
What i'm trying to say,
Is that i'm sorry,
And that i would like to be friends again.
This is,
An apology for my best friend.

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