Watch me bleed *boyfriend abuse*

be aware people the world isnt that nice of a place.

Created by fluffygoth666 on Thursday, August 13, 2009

Go ahead slit my throat watch me bleed

Hit me and scream at me to plead

I wont say a word

I wont make a sound

Go ahead hit me to the ground

Kick me hard crack my ribs

Scratch my face tell me to want to live

Spit in my face call me a disgrace

No tears will be shed I’ll die instead

Bruise me up call me a slut

Tear at my clothes

Take my virginity my eyes will stay closed

Call me names and chain me up as part of your games

Make me bleed tell me to plead

But I wont because you mean NOTHING to me

Go ahead and try and make me scream

I wont scream or give you the satisfaction

Of telling you your face haunts my dreams

Go ahead and slit my throat

Watch me bleed

Until my veins run dry

Because I wont ever cry

that’s no lie

I’m not afraid to die

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