Those bitchy girls

I aren't a bitch but some of my enemies are so I'm pretending I'm one of them, okay? By MC :)(:

Created by musicalcascade on Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bitches of the world:
I am a bitch
I aint afraid to say so
I prance around pretending to be
A model, a stripper, a hoe
I pretend I have boyfriends
Just for the sake of it
I call myself fan emo
Everyone has enough of it
I plaster myself in makeup
Fake tan, waxing hair, playboy clothes
If you disagree with me you can shut up
Becuae I'm in acting shows
Ooh la la
You can often see me inspecting my body
With only my pants and bra
Have I put on weight?
Me: I don't give a shit
So stop being such a bitch
You make me sick
Trying to be cool
Wearing highlights andmakeup to school
You are just a fool
You like miley cyrus
She can go get ******
So can you if you like her
And high school musical, that just sucks
I like basshunter
Do you even know he is
Yes, I like Avril Lavigne
Go ahead, take the piss
We both like lady gaga
But you strip just like her
She is just a singer
Get into the real life bitch
I like rihanna
You like hannah montana
You like stuff that sucks
I love N-dubz
So call me a chav
I don't care
They really have put the work in
Give them a chance, don't be unfair
Or I swear I'll boot you in the shin
I wear hoodies
You wear short skirts
You can't get your precious clothes muddy
Or you'll be stuck wearing boring t-shirts
I work very hard at school
You just doss and cry
Never heard a swear word, thats uncool
I know words that will make you cry
Never heard a rude song
You must be fricking joking
You go to school in thongs????
Oh, I'm sorry is this song too explicit
Well, I don't give a shit
So, just ignore it
Don't you fucking walk out, sit
You are a friend I want to ditch
How would that look for me
Being firends with a BITCH!!!
Haha, na na fricking nai!
See you next fucking century, Bitches
Better not waste my time
Now go and never come back

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