I Don't Understand (a poem)

ok i wrote this the same day as "dare i" i wrote it after i realised my friend wasn't going to come through for me, i'm pretty sure i wrote "dare i" before, at least i think i was still hoping when i wrote it, by now though at least after"..and i am.." i had given up hoping(i think i had added it after) please note that in my poems brackets usualy mean i am not sure about that part, it should be softer and the meaning of the phrase without it should be considered as well, thank you to everyone who messaged

Created by faerishadow on Thursday, December 15, 2005

I wonder as I hope,
whether its worth it
if I'm only going to be
disappointed in the end.
And I am once again,
and I don't understand,
why I let myself hope
only to be let down
carelessly without a word.
My hopes fall and
you never catch (on,(to))
them or me.
You simply expect
me to forget,
it was you that was wrong.
You let me down once again,
and I don't understand
why, every time I
forgive you and believe you
when you blatantly lie
to my face, you don't care
how I feel, you're not there
to see what you've done to me.
And yet again I trust
I somehow explain it away.
Till you let me down again,
I still don't understand
Why you can never talk to me
Why you never
call me back
Countless times you have asked
"Mind if I call back"
But you never do
what you say you will
You never come through
on your promises
Your word has ceased to mean
anything, and I guess
I never meant anything
to you
And I still don't understand
How you do what you do
without feeling remorse
You never apologize
Do you know what that one word
"sorry" would mean?
It would mean that you actually cared
about me
And I still don't understand
I did everything you wanted me to
I tried to be a best friend to you
And still you don't care
It's like I'm not even there
You just ignore me,
pretend you don't see
how hurt I am
how much you've hurt me
And one word you could say
would take it all away
heal all the pain
A simple apology
I'm sure I'd forgive,
I just don't forget easily
All my scars you gave to me
And you'll never sincerely say sorry
And you'll never think of me
when you leave
I still don't understand and I don't think I will

.......please message, rating would be encouraging,thank you
thank you for reading i hope you understand my attempt poor or otherwise at expressing my feelings in poetry, i'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions,feel free to oblige by messaging, rating as i said would be encouraging,i also have other poems if you'd like to read them, thank you again

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