All I Ever Wanted

Hey guys. This is another request from my friend Alex who can't get over her boyfriend. Here it is so please enjoy, rare and comment. Thanks!

Created by Twilightmaniac16 on Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I tripped the moment
My eyes settled apon you
And eveything seemed...
But then there comes the emptiness
I Just can't leave lonely alone

You've taken everything
Everything I've ever wanted
Everything I've ever dreamed about
And now I'm left with nothing
But my empty
Feelings for you
And you should know
It's killing me inside

I don't want to chase you around
And to be point blank
I'd rather fall a million different times
Before I allow you to pull me down
And make me
As miserbale
As you...

All I ever wanted
Was a simple way to move on
And get over you
And all I ever wanted
Was a line
That Icould rest in between
A me and you
Where I could escape
This failure of mine

So please
Let me go
So I can move on
And be free from your hold
And so I can finally be happy
For it's all I ever wanted from you
For if you cannot accept me for me
And if you cannot love me
Then I all truly want
Is to let go of you
And walk away...
And find another

I finally realized
I finally, after so much wasted time
Was able to see the truth
With my eyes
And let me tell you
You're cruel for doing this
And taking it all away from me
When all I ever wanted
Was to be with you
And love you
And be loved in returned
IS that seriously
Too much to ask?
I guess so...

You used me...
When I was ready to take off
And fly away
You'd find a reason
To reel me back in
Just so you wouldn't be alone
For a second
But now I know
That it wasn't me that you wanted
It was just anyone
That could give you comfort
That you wanted...

Well now I'm stronger
And ready to leave you behind
And I'm sorry dear
If you feel sad and alone
But for too long
No matter how much I was with you
I had never felt so alone and sad
And when you turned to me
This morning
And smiled that smile of yours
I no longer fell for it
And my heart no longer
Stuttered unevenly

And have a nice life
And maybe one day
You will find
A person that
Is willing
To bend over backwards
For you
But that person
Is not me...

All I ever wanted
Was to get over you...

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