Dear Ex Boyfriend,

Break my heart, ya get a poem. Aren't you special?

Created by rambunxouswriter on Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear ex boyfriend

You really broke my heart

You were supposed to take care of it

Not tear it all apart

You were supposed to be the one

Who'd hold me when I cry

Not the person who betrayed me

With some fony little lie

Dear ex boyfriend

I really cared for you

You were supposed to be there for me

To help me make it through

You were supposed to be the one

To forever hold my hand

And listen to my troubles

And always understand

Dear ex boyfriend

What happened to you and me?

I thought that we'd turn out

As happy as can be

But looking back on all of this

I guess you weren't the one

And even though this is true

I still wish that we weren't done

So I send my letter with pain and love

I won't write to you again

But remember me please,

Sincerely your ex girlfriend

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