Juggalo 4 Lifeeee.

I'm a juggalette 4 life and proud!

Created by 1SINcerelyStarr1 on Monday, August 31, 2009

You want to know about the juggalo family?
I see.
But the juggalos aren't like you!
Btch their like me!
We don't fuk around!
We mean what we say!
But you stupid ass btches!
Don't know how to play!
You say that were evil.
And only cause pain.
Well back the fuk off btch!
U don't know our game.
Your head starts to bleed.
An axe sticks out your face.
I fukin told u btch!
U need 2 fuk out of my space!
I have a hachet man tatoo.
And an icp hat.
I have twiztid's name.
On my baseball bat.
I don't always sleep.
I'm a freak of the night.
I fill your dreams.
With terror and fright.
Haha not really.
Unless you're scared of me too.
Because most people don't like me.
And thats only a few.
I don't care what you say.
Your dead in my eyes.
Ohh you don't like me?
Wow what a surprize!
I'm homies are here for me.
And always they stay.
My family for life!
Not just for a day!
So don't judge unless you know!
And don't make a sound!
Let me tell you this now!
Btch i'm down with the clown!

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