I'm Slowly Going Crazy Over You...

its been a while without this dear little box that i like to call an expensive paper weight...so mass words for all! :)

Created by SymphonyOfHate on Tuesday, September 01, 2009

~I'm Slowly Going Crazy Over You~

Fading again
Screaming with the thread still in place
So I won't wake your peaceful sleeping
You're here
Yet a thousand miles away from me
Always near
Though your distance is closing in
Like these walls
Slowly suffocating
Cries turns to shouts and to sobs again
Like a child my nightmares
Take over my mind
Here is your body, peaceful in sleep
It's my turn to love you
But my mind screams to wait
Time, slowly disconnecting
Floating away like a shipwreck at sea
The waves of Denial drove it too far
And it lost sight of me
Like I'm lost in nightmares again
I scramble, it blurs
I stumble, it hurts
My voiceless face contorts once more
I know it's lingering the torture
Blinding me to faith again
Denial driving out the pain
I love you, I love your soul
I hate you, I hate my world
I love your voice, hate your face
I love your body, despise this place
Entrapped in your scent like a prisoner
I'm slowly falling more in love with you
But slowly, it's fading away
I'm fading into dust again
You've slowly sent me scratching at these walls
I love you, I hate you
I'm slowly going crazy over you.

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