Let Me In

Created by dieingdarkdreamer on Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't shut me out
Let me in
Don't shove me away all over again
I wanta be there for you
I wanta help you through
But you wont let me
You wont let me be there
Stop shoving me away
Youre shoving too hard
Your shoving hurts
Deep down in my heart
Just let me see
Let me see your wound
Maybe I can help
Dont make me chase you around the room
Pull back the bandage
Bare your raw pain
I promise I won't infect it-or make it worse in any way
Is it your heart?
Is it hurtin real bad?
Is that why...
You're always so sad?
Is it breaking as we speak?
I'll hold it together
For how long?
If need be...forever
Is it already broken?
Broken in two?
I'll get out my needle and thread or maybe some glue
Just please let me in
Let me help you

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