Just to have Sex...

Created by savagesean on Friday, September 11, 2009

Just to have Sex...

Did you know we had sex last night?
I still remember the way he mounted me,
the way he grabbed it,
the way his tongue felt against me,
the way his toes moved against legs.

We rolled through blue sheets
and green pillows.
Our bodies melting into one.
He smelled of beer and cigarettes.
In the morning he told me how he
dreamed of having sex with animals.

"You know, I'm an animal."
I felt up against his legs and...

We had sex on the kitchen counter.
Coffee spilled onto the floor and dripped
to the tile.
"Do it harder..."
My voice became soft as I spoke,
his body became cool and hot
soft and hard
embracing and neglectful.
I said I loved him.

I wonder if he knew I was lying.

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