Daddy's Little Girl

Well my father role model situation is kinda hard to discribe so whatever

Created by JessicaJean94 on Friday, September 11, 2009

Dadddy's little girl sat on his lap when she got hurt.
He ould hold her and tell her there are no monsters under her bed.
He see's she's getting older.
He looks at her pictures of when she was 5.
The age where she ran away from boys because they had cooties.
When she was afraid of monsters under her bed.
But now she's 15.
She worries about grades,
She worries about boys',
She over thinks things.
But she knows there's no such thing as monsters.
She doesn't wanna get her heart broken.
But her heart gets broken and she goes to daddy.
Daddy's little girl sits on his lap because she has a broken heart.
Daddy's little girl now knows the only man she can count on is her daddy.

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