Don't Walk Away From Me

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Created by Twilightmaniac16 on Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you kidding me?
Did you really expect me to give in
And say how sorry I should be
And crawl to you
On my knees and hands
And beg
For you to forgive me?
Did you actually think I'd ever do that?

I love you
I love you so much I fear it
And I know I constantly run from it
And I know I'm pushing you away
But trust me
I love you
I need you with me
In my life
Whether it's as a friend

But you know what I want
I want you
I want you all the time
I want you near me and around me
And in the same place as me
Wanting only me
But hey guess what
I know lifes not always fair
And I don't always get what I want
But it's up to you
To make that happen for me

We both know
That I don't ask for much
And that when I know I did a shitty thing
I will excuse my mouth and actions
And back away
And steer away from it
But I deserve some love tonight
Don't you agree dear?
Don't you think It's about time you repay me
Because I think you're a wee bit late on my payment
And what I really want
Is you...

So bend a little for me
Because I'm so tired of bending over backwards
For you
It's not fair anymore
And sometimes it's not fun either
And I feel tired and like giving up
And letting you go
And trying something new
And sometimes I look
At things...I shouldn't
And I wanna touch it
But I know the fire is too hot now
So I'm a good girl
For you

Something about you
I just can't put my finger on it
But I will figure it out
And when I do you better bet I'll call you out on it
And don't you agree
It's about time we see other people
But then again
No I don't want that
Don't listen to me
I don't know what I want anymore

Feelings change everyday
Like seasons
And a young girls heart is easily broken
And she can fall in love
And just as easily fall out of love too
So careful with me

But right now
At this very moment
I want you and only you
And don't get worried
I'm not here to fall in love with you
I just wanna be with you
I want to be the girl holding your hand
And the one by your side
All the time

But please
My only one
I need you and I need this to work
For I need this emotion
Cause truth be told
It's all I have
And at the end of the day
I turn to you and what you make me feel
And I allow myself to subconsciensly slip into this feeling
And you know what else?
I drown in your eyes
And your lips do something to me no one elses can
And your hands know me all too well
But that's cool
BecauseI like it

Don't you realize
How scary it is for me
To change into a new person
In the matter of days
Do you not seriously realize
That you were the change in me
And I used to curse you for it
But now
I embraceit

For I finally embraced the true reality of it all
And that is that I do belong to you
Like you belong to me
And no one
As yet to cross our eyes
And pull that string in us
And like you told me last night
You are the only I see
And it's been that way for a while now
And I'll be damned if you change it

So my lovelyone
You know I'm covered in lies
I'm drenched in shame
And I'm a beautiful disaster
And so jaded
But oh so lovely
And I scream for the feeling
And I constantly get burned
And I never show what I feel
But look closely
Oh do it!
Look in my eyes
And see the emotions I have for you
Build faster
And faster...

Don't let me go
Not yet
And love me back
And please don't run when you figure me out
And kiss me deeply
And make me want more
Like you always do
And keep me guessing
And keep my laughing
For it you carry on your duties
I will dutifully come back to you
Each night
Into your arms where I belong
And no doubt
Your love

I think of you now
And God help me but I want you
And God help me but I have met my match
And found my weakness
So please
For our sakes
And my little sanity
Love me they way you always do
And do what you do
And dress how you always dress
And God please kiss me like you always do
For it sends me over some invisible edge

And just one more thing

Walk Away From Me...

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