sleep well my angel

Created by ashleynsisco021 on Sunday, September 20, 2009

hush little sister go to sleep,
there is no need for one more peep,
close your eyes,
forget all the lies,
don't listen to the yelling,
don't hear the hits,
stop all the tears,
i wipe them away,
yes my darling we must stay
because they will hurt if we run away
yes honey they care for one another
if they didn't would they hug each other?
i promise baby sister it will be ok,
they will forget all this by the next day
so you should close those preciose eyes,
come on babe forget all the lies,
it will be ok i can promise you that,
now go to sleep dream good dreams
i'll be right here all night long,
i will not leave you alone,
i love you now sleep tight,
all of it will stop there will be no more fight,
i promise i will hold you tight,
just sleep well,
my little angel

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