I got to thinking about a deep conversation with myself and decided to express my thoughts in this poem. Please message and rate.

Created by bmb27530 on Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pod-people don’t stop to think or apologize;

Nothing’s their fault in their ignorant eyes.

They never say thank you to a helping hand.

Try to teach them manners, but they’d never understand.

They laughed at my black-humor-- and misery, too.

They don’t see any difference; they never knew.

Preppy people love to shop; after all, it’s their stereotype.

Real ideals are non-existent, only the present ‘hype’.

The arts were cool back in the day,

And now it’s the preps who lead the way.

But when the day is done, do they really?

Or are second-thoughts all willy-nilly?

Sluts just love the amorous attention;

Especially such of boys.

But do they actually know that such attention

Makes them property toys?

Are they only lost on such a path

Because no one bothered to guide them?

Emos are known for cutting themselves;

For being abused and neglected.

And so some stay away from them,

So they remain undetected.

But why is it they never stop to help

The real person inside?

Goths are said to never smile

To always sulk and frown.

But that isn’t how they really are,

That’s only the word in town.

But how would I know, I’m just a girl

Who doesn’t like to joke around.

Geeks are known as the brainiacs;

The know-it-alls of math and science.

Do they exist to study homework?

Or only to form an alliance?

Are they really the nerds we ‘know and love’

To pick on?

The truth is, none of these labels are real.

They’re designed to separate our true unity.

To make us bow down and kneel

To stereotyping. To divide us into inferior and superior.

But they’re all just exteriors

Real people still exist, with real desires and wants.

Life isn’t about these labels, nor about these taunts.

But about the person on the inside

Who’s just another trying to wade through the tide.

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