Secret Crush (Poem)

This is my first poem. Let the poem begin!

Created by Yukilover14 on Friday, December 16, 2005

Secret Crush
Secret crush I been waiting for a very long time for you to see me. I know it is stupid of me not to come to you then you coming to me. But I am shy. I hate being shy. But I am. I see you. You look right past me like I am nothing more then a shadow. It hurts. It hurts like I've been stabed with a hundred needles but I can't do anything but wait and watch until you see me. Until you notice me. Right there. Right there in front of you. This is sad. Why can't you see me? Why can't see my hurt in my eyes? Why I ask but you don't answer me. Like I'm not there. But I am. I'm here. Waiting. Watching. For you to finally see me. To finally notice me.
But when you see me. Will you run? Will you coward in fear? Will you turn around and pretend like I'm not there. But I am. You can't pretend like am not there anymore. Because I know you see me. And you know I see you. But you turn around. Turning away from me. Trying to forget about me. You know I need you. But you fear me.
Why do you fear me? Is it because you finally know why I'm here. Because you finally know how I feel and what I came for. But please don't. Don't fear me. Don't ever fear me. For I love you. Yes, I love you with all my heart.
I would rather die then watch you turn away from me again. Leaving me in the dark. The cold icly dark with nobody but me as my company. So please! Don't leave. For I will die without you. Die without knowing your love for me. Die knowing I've been left... alone.
Nice. Deep.
Deep but so sad. *tears falling down face* (me: Thank u. That is what I was going for.)
My first poem. I love making poems. Would you believe I got that off the top of my head just now. Its kind of sad but I love this poem. Now go to results and Rate or Message me.
Ok, why not that was beautiful. (me: Thanks.)
Maybe if I have time. (me: O.o)
Rate or Message me. Thank you! ;D

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