Honestly? I Don't Give A Shit, Anymore.

This poem doesn't really make sense, but it does to me. Then again, you guys aren't me so yeah. *shrugs* I honestly don't give a shit anymore. THis is more of a rant then a poem. I was seriously pissed when I wrote this, obviously.

Created by cantlivewithoutanime on Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm sick of all this shit
Man, to hell with it
Screw every single motherfucking piece of this
You think I'm mad?
Well, I am, so feel my wrath
Don't want it? Well, that just too damn bad
Because I honestly don't care anymore
I'm tempted to just grab the freaking knife and watch my blood pour
And then watch you pricks try and swim to the shore
Cause I'm tired to tucking this into the core
Just leave my family, my friend and me be
Cause we all know it's just you and your jealousy
You fucking think you can walk all over me?
Just because I am not serious about certain things
And I PRETEND to live my life carelessly
Does not mean that you can start hating
Because you don't know me
You know, you're not worth my time
Shit, you're opinion to me means less than a dime
But I'm tired of being kind
And why should I?
You fight fire with fire, right?
And "nice" is far from your guy's description
Man, go die on some prescription
Since you're wasting air
It's not like anybody would actually care
Everyone will have a huge party since your pathetic ass won't be there
You wish me pain, bitch?
Don't bother, cause I already have it
But I wish you a life full of shit
I'm over the edge, I'm super pissed
You wanna know why?
Because of this life of mine

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