Losing You

i fucking hate change...

Created by musickidxx on Saturday, November 14, 2009

i feel like i'm losing you and thats not okay

you're the only reason i lived to see today
i don't want us to drift apart
because that would mean giving up my heart
please don't leave, let's try to stay close
losing you is what kills me the most
i love you, i don't want you to disappear
no, i want you to stay here
i really need you, you're all i had
through the good and the bad
we stuck by eachothers side
through the pain and tears we cried
if we lose each other who knows what we'll do
who know what will happen to me if i lose you
what will happen to me?
we'll my dear, that answers plain to see
to be truthful, i tell no lie
without you, i will surely die
if i lose you, i lose my fight
to make it until tonight
if i lose you, there's absolutely no way
that i'll live to see another day
we made promises to stay together
so let's make them last forever
if i lose you, i'll be miserable at best
i'll give up my life, and lay it to rest
i'll make sure not to live to see another day
because without you, i have no reason to stay.

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