It's People Like You, That Make Me Wanna Kill Myself

the title goes out to a guy i knew a while ago. His name was Ryan, and he killed himself on Oct 7th 2003, due to bulling for a majority of his life...he was only thirteen, and this bitch pretended to like him, on his last day, he marched up to her and said "It's girls like you that make me wanna kill myself" and for that i owe props to you Ryan. Fly High love.

Created by musickidxx on Saturday, November 21, 2009

you told me not to worry, you promised to stay here

but now you're leaving. my greatest fear.
pain burns down deep within me,
much to deep for you to see
sometimes it comes alive and kills me inside
thats when another part of me died
i cut open my wrists, the blood spills to the floor.
along with the pain. i need more.
i cut my wrists over again
this time deeper and the pain mends
the rush of adrenaline beats in my veins
along with the endorphins that relieve the pain
the blood has now, covered my arms
i promised to be safe, but i gave into self harm
just one more cut, i promise it's the last
just one more cut, to let go of my past
in a few more minutes i'll be on the other side
along with the blood and tears i cried
this is my last and final time
to sink in the razor and end this life of mine
now i run dry, my heart beats no more
and a puddle of blood grows on the floor
but before i died i did something for you
look at my wrist to see who it's too
before i died, i carved you're name into my wrist
so now everyone knows who left me like this

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