I promise ((I'll still be here waiting for you))

Bree helped me with this .. thank God . She's a poetic genius and I love her :] So Bree ((musickidxx)) thank you so much for help .. and I promise , no matter what I'l always be here for you ... even when Lady GaGa is tryin to rape you :]

Created by XxNothingClichexX on Monday, December 07, 2009

When your skies turn grey,

And you put a smile on, even though you aren’t okay .

When you hear the birds sing a sad song,

You know that being alone is where you belong.

Bring an end the sad thoughts that invade your brain,

Let go of all the dreams you wish you could obtain.

Let go of the friends who stabbed you in the face,

Let go of the names you’ve been called , after all, you were always a disgrace.

Try to go back in time,

When smiling wasn’t such a crime.

When you could laugh and sing out of tune because you could,

When you weren’t so misunderstood.

Once you wake up and realize you’re still alone,

Look around, and be proud of yourself that you didn’t turn out to be another drone.

But being alone might not be so bad,

No one but yourself can make you sad.

Think back to the memories of the orange and purple sunsets,

Back when you were young and had no regrets.

Those times have seemed to be forever lost,

So you want them back no matter what the cost .

It doesn’t make you wrong to want that, but it doesn’t make it right,

But keep your head up and keep searching for the light.

It’ll guide you in the right direction , and it won’t make you confused,

But most importantly it won’t leave you broken and bruised.

When you realize you’ll make it through,

I promise I’ll still be here waiting for you .

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