The Ghetto Bible: Ten Commandments.


Created by DeadDiskoDeadRokq on Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the ten commandments.
1. I beez God. Don' beez dissin me wit otha godz.

2. Don' beez makin no hood ornaments like nothin in my crib, anythang upstayrs, orr anythang anywherz elz.

3. Don' beez usin my name 'n a wack way - homey don' play dat.

4. Y'all betta be keepin da sabbathh.

5. Don' dis ya mama ... an if ya know whoz ya daddy beez, don' dis him neither.

6. Don' cap ya bros.

7. Don' cheat on ya babies' mama.

8. Don' be liftin no goods.

9. Don' be lyin an' snitchin on ya homies.

10. Don' be eyein' ya homie's crib, ride, or nothin.

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