I'm sorry it's so depressing, i was depressed...

Created by JessicaQuizzes on Sunday, January 03, 2010

Out of darkness some of us come
Out of light some are created
We all think but do not think alike
We all love but do not love alike
A spark, a mere shadow cover thier fear
All thats good, thats evil shall not appear
Empty void black heart
That tries to love but fails
Like a dart aiming for the prize off target
Wounds the untouched, unspoiled perfection
Innocence just spilled over with vile wine
Virgin, spoiled with mans' selfish need
Pureness, ripped away with lies
Love, put a mask on and kills
But after the last blade is cleansed from blood
Mabey our world will come to an end
Last kisses, last lovers, last hugs, last light
Last life
Mabey then we could be at peace in this world
So grab on to your shadows, put out your spark hide away pure virgins, hide.
Yes love can be good
But watch out
Dont be take advantage of
Only when you are ready may you give away
Don't waste the gift of purity

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