Why won't you let me?

Erm, erotic poem again, I guess...? 0.0 Well, I don't think it's that sensual, but decide for yourself 'kay? ^.^ It's actually a New-Year-present for Umi-kun (seagirl73), just wanna say... ah you know it already ^.^ But I'll say it in French ^.^ ~ Je t'aime ^.^ ~ With lots of love, Narcissa (

Created by narcissablue on Monday, January 04, 2010

Why won’t you let me?

I will teach
You for every each
lie you lie,
While you lye
And cry

I know
You won’t show
What you feel
For real.

Emotion such
as yours is too much
to express.

I can only guess
your thoughts, while I undress
your body, it’s shaking.

I will be taking
my time
to commit this crime.

Indeed, a crime it is
when I steal from you
a kiss,
or two.

I won’t leave it at that;
They’ve hurt me, the things you said.

You won’t understand my pain in a million years.
Because they are of different matter, your fears.
They are fears of body, mind and me.
I fear something else, you see:

I don’t mind
if you tease my mind,
with an evil grin
scratch my skin,
make me bleed,
give me nothing to eat,
always take the lead,
and don’t let me meet
the ones I love.

The reason I can’t set you free
Is because you won’t return
And to the ones you love, you’ll flee.
I am afraid you’ll never learn:

The only thing I want to be
Is one of the ones,
To whom you’ll flee
Why won’t you let me?

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