Leaving Love

This is a poem written for AxLovelyxlie, I hope she likes it.

Created by optomisticforeverXD on Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My heart is raw and bleeding, but hidden so no one may see.

How terrible is this seperation between you and me.

Leaving you behind is the hardest thing I've done,

but going away I must, as you I compleatly shun.

My love for you is strong, but I leave it in your wake.

Seeing you damaged so is more than I can take.

I leave you behind, but my soul is torn apart.

Half of me wishing to stay with you but now I must depart.

My red rimmed eyes have no more tears, my heart a closing sore.

Life seems indifferent, as it's without you forever more.

Your inviting voice still lingers, a hold around my chest.

But the line between us is broken, I know it's for the best.

The Sun is now just sinking, the Moon begins to rise.

Our bond has now been ended, our love a hopless demise.

Laying there with eyelids closed, I think of shattered trust,

but love in this moment is about doing what I must.

So goodbye to you my friend, your face ripped from my sight.

Gone from you forever, but doing what is right.

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