Can't trust you anymore

I wrote this cause a person i know blurts out every secret that i tell her, so obviously i don't tell her much anymore... and i needed to let my anger out, so i wrote a poem... enjoy!

Created by Banira16 on Monday, January 11, 2010

Everytime i tell you a secret
It's always the same
You tell people and i pay the dept
For some reason, it's always you to blame
You betrayed my trust
What you're doing is totally unjust
You say you promise not to tell
The next thing i know, i just want to yell
You made a 'mistake'
Heh, sorry but now it's too late
You say you won't do it again
Now i don't know if i should ditch you as a friend
Now, i realize, is time to close the door
Because i can't trust you anymore

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