Mom, Im sorry...

an extremely depressing and strange poem that i wrote......i have no idea where it came from XDD

Created by Rocker1053 on Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mom, I’m sorry I was never there

I know that it appeared that I didn’t care

Am I still considered your daughter?

Or did things change after the slaughter?

After what I had seen,

The sight that was so obscene,

I had no idea how to keep going

When I couldn’t go a single day without knowing

What happened to them and never doing a thing.

It felt like I was living by a string.

Mom, I know its hard for you to bear,

But I’m sorry, I’m no longer here.

My body lays in the silent room.

You weren’t home to heed the loud boom.

Tell my friends I said good bye

And tell them I don’t want them to cry

What I did was for the best

It was time for me to lay in my eternal rest

Remind Dad and yourself that its not your fault

No, I wasn’t in an evil cult

I just felt misunderstood

And wasn’t living to the potential I could.

Mom, no matter how many places

I went, there were always traces

Of the blood.

Of the gun.

Of the murder all around.

My classmates falling to the ground

My heart’s insistent pound

As I waited for my turn.

I felt my stomach churn.

But then the door burst open

And the men were shot with no words spoken.

I’m sorry, Mom, but now I’m done.

No matter what happened I never would have won.

Mom, I love you more than I can say

And know that I wish I could stay

But I should have died with all the rest

So I pulled a shotgun to my chest

And now I’m lying on the floor

My blood flowing and trailing to the door.

This is how it was supposed to be

I’m sure the others that died would agree.

No I don’t regret

I just hope I didn’t make anyone upset

Mom, I love you and I will say no more.

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