First Love Will Never Fade Away

free verse i guess it would be. about a girl im in love with.

Created by chisoxjd23 on Friday, January 22, 2010

I love you may be the strongest words ive ever heard.
The word is indescribable, its like.
Like whats the point if you take the mike outa mike n ikes?
Or you write and essay wit no word?
Its them lil things in life that if you take apart there aint nuttin.
that’s wat love is..its like a shirt wit no buttons.
Love is like them two turtle doves.
But you always gota be ready to jump ova dem hurtles
befo you jus fall in love n cant get back up
But shes halfway down the track jumpn n jumpin while your still down.
She don’t look back, if she do its justa hey hows it goin.
I wana say, hey howd it feel to jus fly by n try n win the race
The race of love where im stuck but im still chasin
The one im chasin keeps goin on n on till its too late.
Then I finally get back up on my feet n start to jump
When you finally get there to help me up.
Then were goin, well your goin cuz
I just do it all ova again your just my bate.
Don’t hate n don’t discriminate.
Cuz you’re the one I want to be my mate.
All you can say is. Sorry its to late.
Im in love with him now, a week lata that just turns ta hell.
Here I am I just keep ringin yo bell hopn youd answer oh I prayed youd never tell.
I keep wishn one day weed get togetha and our love would last forever.
Whats it mean to you?
Is it like cookies wit no milk, or jus another hey?
So wata say, you really wana pay?
Maybe you will realize this too, till then don’t use love cuz you use it like poo.

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