Lies, Love, and Insanity.


Created by WalkWithShadows on Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let out heads fall,

As they crack,

They break,

From all the emotion they lack,

Think of me,

But to me it won’t count,

No matter what you say or do,

It doesn’t matter the amount,

Brains turn to mush,

Too much insanity,

For all us to handle,

In your mind there’s not enough capacity

Know that I won’t save you,

No matter what the cost,

I don’t care if you’re suicidal,

In this world, we’re all lost,

We’re dead,

Yet alive in the truest sense,

The air thickens,

It will never be over ladies and gents,

I’ll let you fall,

Without a second thought,

For loving me,

This what fate has brought,

Notice that,

Deceit can do wonders,

No matter what you do,

You’ll always cause a load of blunders,

Every word I’ve said,


That all were untrue,

All were just a bunch of lies. . .

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