Place In My Heart

I wrote this the night the love of my life when all the way back to his home two days away from mine. This is for all the girls that this happened too. well for the most part. sorry if the end is corny, i was just dreaming and crying that he was gone

Created by XxXKanashmiXxX on Friday, February 19, 2010

There is a place in my heart
where no one else has been,
As you walk away to somewhere else
My heart is splitting in two
You have to walk out of my life
you don't seem to have a choice
I had to be strong,but i felt so weak and numb
I wish you could stay, I know you had a choice
As i write this poem down
your already farther away from me
My vision is blurred, the tears keep on pouring
Please, just please dont give up on me
I don't know how long it'll take
but i'll fight to get back to you
i know you are worth the risk
cause you saw through me
when no one else could
As you get further away
I'm so lonely and missing you
what will i do now? What can i do now?
Now that your gone my heart splits in two
I wish with all my heart
that time could just fly by
So i could be back in your embrace
Just a couple more times not worrying
about a single damn thing
Just thinking of you makes me cry harder
i guess i'' just have to put a river in my house
because your not going to go anywhere
while you still have a place in my heart
I sit around wishing goodbye
to all the sorrow from the words I Miss You
5 months has soon gone by
I think ill Move to be with you
Everyone from his familygreets me with open arms
cept that boy that still lies in my heart
They all tell me, he's out with his girlfriend
My heart stops beating and that hole in my heart
Just tears up into new deeply cut scars
That boy would just ignore me
never acting like he use to care about me
I became depressed,everyone trying to cheer me up
they gave up, My best friend even started to give up
That stupid boy ended up getting his heart broken
of course it was from his slutty ex-girlfriend
after a while, he said "how could i be so blind?"
and i said " You do crazy things for someone
when that person has a place in your heart"
I stared into his eyes and he into mine
He pulled me close and embraced me with love
I never felt so right as i did that moment.
A little while later he looked into my eyes
and got down on one knee, "will you marry me?"
"Yes, but are you sure you want me?"
"yes, because you have a place in my heart"
A place in my heart is all that you took
A place in my heart is all that i need
A place in each others arms is where i need to be
A place in both our hearts is where we both are

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