I'll Be Your Crying Shoulder {Your Tears Here}

Inspired by picture attached. It looks long but it really isn't. Rate and message if you like (I'll make you my best friend if you do :))...I also love criticism.

Created by HeyheyItsKK on Saturday, March 06, 2010

I'llbeyourcryingshoulder.gifHey you, this is what I’ve been trying to tell you everyday

What I meant to tell you from the very first day….

Let the brick walls you’ve created fall, let me in let me witness it all

Let those vexatious tears begin darling,

Do not hold back your pain oh so deep-

My care and love for you is alive not dead

By me you will NEVER be misled


I’ll be your crying shoulder

I’ll be your shoulder to cry on

Rest your head and shed your tears here

Written in a colored marker

Watch as sodden black tears fall

I’ll be love’s suicide and grasp you as you fall

When raging rain is crashing down

You know someone will be waiting with an umbrella, to lift you off the ground

Even when the storm clears, I will still be here

And I’ll still be your shoulder to cry on

For I am someone who knows exactly what you need

And I am someone who understands exactly how you feel

I am that person dreaming….hoping for that day when you take your eyes away off the terrain and see me gazing back at you

offering my heart and hand

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