Who Am I? Guess.

the answer is really quite simple.

Created by musickidxx on Friday, March 12, 2010

what am i? take a guess
there is no wrong answer, no need for mess
what am i? believe me i'm there
i'm the wind rushing through your hair
the breeze in the trees
and the flowers that make you sneeze
i am a guardian. always over you
this is my hint, this is my clue
who am i? darling, i can't tell
it's a secret i must keep. i keep it in my shell.
but you will soon figure out who i appear to be
it will come clear. you'll see
but for now, let's play a guessing game
this one, unlike others, isn't the same
who am i? where am i coming from?
once you figure out the answer, you'll feel quite dumb
i am the grass under your feet
the warmth from the sun, in summer heat
my kiss is that of falling rain
touching your face, easing the pain
i am the stars over your bed
keeping nightmares away from your head
and when life hands you a bit to much
i am that loving touch
there is a reason, for what i do
my dear, it's because iloveyou
now the time has come to reveal who i am
this isn't a tick, nor a scam
darling, close your eyes. envision. and see.
i am, whoever you imagine me to be.

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