The Mustache


Created by mommyfrog1 on Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Once there was a mustache,
He was mean, greedy, and of course hairy
George was his name and he could eat anything
Though, he couldn't eat dairy?!
Until one day his human grew a beard.
The beard was named Joe.
Joe was an average, nice, and smart beard
He could even touch his eyeball with his tongue!
The mustache screamed, shouted, and made fun of the beard
The beard didn't mind, though, he wish the mustache was covered with dung!
They argued about everyday
And they called each other mean names
When the human spoke...
The human was named Larry
He grew the mustache for fun
Even though his back was hairy,
So Larry decided to grow Joe
Larry said that if the two do not get along
He would shave them and smush them on his toe!
Since then the mustache and beard got along
And they never fought or agued again
(Wouldn't you be scared too)
And that teaches a lesson for you who complain!


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