Love, Eric

idk what to put here x] dammnit

Created by eric1 on Monday, March 22, 2010

Remember the other day?
You told me you wanted me to stay
Well it's going to be to late
I'm getting ready for my fate
it feels so good i can feel the taste
blood dripping down to my waist
and if you see me now you well be amazed
don't cry now it will be such a shame
you can find a way out but i won't escape
It's a chance i want to take
if you want you can see me break
I don't care anymore
im nothing but waste
and if you want to rescue me don't hesitate
i really don't want to go away
I want to stay here where the memories take place
when we had all our fun and heart breaks
Makes me want to stay here like glue or paste
Because to be here i don't have to pay
So go find another way
to you it's all a game
But here it takes out the pain
eventhough you get pain it leaves eventually
even if i'm old and need a caine
life will be better here were we made
secrets about everything
Secrets i'm going to keep
Because without them baby we are nothing
We need the passion that brings the society alive
the emotions, secrets, and lies
Is what everyone stands for in my eyes
because it's the mistakes and regrets
that everyone gets
and helps us progress
in the end we all have diffrences
Wich is who we are and what we make out of this
So if you want to leave
Just go
i'm sick of these changes in you
so i'll stay here
go find a way out of life my dear
have your own little advenute
but since i promised i will stay here
where people grow by years
here in earth
i'll stand in this place
no matter what it takes
i know i sound like a discrace
well i am either way
i'm sorry you couldn't handle a life that was easy
all you had to do was breathe
while i manged you and your 'way of living'
For me, without my amazing friends i would be dead
thank you everyone who has helped me and will till the end
I promised to stay
And that promise i maintain
Don't worry about me
Because this is the beginning
Thank you all for everything
Love, eric1 ;)

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