Pretty, Pretty Girl

this poem is dedicated to LifeWarriorx12 especially, and i hope that she, my twin can stay strong even through troubled times. but also to anyone else out there with similar issues, please think before you act, because you never really know who really cares.

Created by jayybee on Saturday, April 03, 2010

Pretty, pretty girl, don’t you see?

When you hurt you, you hurt me

Pretty, pretty girl, won’t you stop it?

Because watching you hurt is a brutal hit

Pretty, pretty girl, don’t make it worse

The hurt and the anger, its blood they thirst

Pretty, pretty girl, just please listen

While the tears upon your face, in the light, they glisten

Pretty, pretty girl, put the knife away

Cutting yourself won’t keep the rage at bay

Pretty, pretty girl, don’t weaken yourself more

It’s strength you need now, not to be sore

Pretty, pretty girl, with eyes so pained

Red and puffy, from crying they’re strained

Pretty, pretty girl, you don’t need this

You can do so much more; try to find bliss

Pretty, pretty girl, this is not the solution

Even with all this depression and confusion

But pretty, pretty girl, please stay strong

And resist the life that you know is wrong

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