I'm Over It!

I'm just getting over this guy and after I made this poem I feel a lot better! What the hell with it!!!!!! I'm over it!!!!!! Message & Rate. Remember i love you!! xoxoxox Avery

Created by Ka8i3 on Thursday, April 08, 2010

I'm over it
I'm over you and your
Stupid little mood swings
I'm over every part about you
The good and the bad
Are all gone from my head
I'm over how you don't even
Seem to know your hurting me
I'm over how you always cared if I was okay
I am completely over you
And your boyish charm
How you always know the right thing to say
How you laughed at all my lame jokes
When you'd do anything for me
I'm over it
I'm over how your
Happy one minute
Then depressed the next
I'm over you and your weird ways
They're plenty of guys way better then you
That would love to play a game with me
I'm over it
Your out of my thoughts
Your name is not coming out of my mouth
I'm over you
And your bipolar ways

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