i Love YOU

this is a poem..(duh!) if you think it looks familiar well i guessed you read it on best-love-poems.com coz i already post it there with a username of ~*...tHeA...*~/spstarfly09 just so you know i didnt copy this..oh yeah..this is mine! lol..heheh.. MyGen Profile Generator

Created by xmessedxupxgurlx on Saturday, December 17, 2005

..::i Love YOU::..
Do you love me?
its not what I'm asking for
its not that i don't trust u
at at all
its for me to know
you really care
for me to know that
no one else could be there
once in my life i
felt this way
once in my life
there will be someone
who'll stay
the one who could give me strength
the one who could deserve my
there's nothing i would ask for
you're the one who could
close my hearts door
you don't need to ask my question
Coz for me I'll say that
"i love you" with or without
your attention.

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ok..so whatcha think?..pls rate..thank you!

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