Every Day the Same Routine

I re-used one line from "Just Another Day". The main topic is completely different, though. ;-) My 48th morbid poem^^ This one is about a dull and boring everyday life, though the life itself isn't descriped at all... XD Hmmm... Maybe I'll put up something up about MY everyday life in my journal^^ Anyways, I hope you enjoy it, I would be pleased if you rate/ message, but since some of the pictures lately don't work (try to reload, that works most of the time), message me anyways if a picture needs fixing!!

Created by oONanaOo on Friday, April 23, 2010

To me, every day is the same
Every day I feel the same dull aching pain
Every day is just like the day before
I just can’t stand it anymore
My life’s been reduced

To a monotonous routine

And every day will become

Just like the day before has been.
Whereas my life before was serene

Now it is only but

Another chore to fullfill

It’s just a mindless routine.
Every day is repeating

So predictable

It is so boring

I need a change.
This life is so blunt
It's not what I want
I need something else
I beg for a change...
But as long as I don't act
Nothing's ever gonna change
And until then every day
Will be the same tedious routine.

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