We're Done.

My best friend, (yes most of my peoms are about him) is totally getting on my last nerve.

Created by Baileyyy on Thursday, May 06, 2010

I was walking along today
With two of my friends
You and your boyfriend came up behind us
He talked to us
But you just kept your head down

What happened to best friend?
What happened to always being there for me?
I've only stood up for you
Even when everyone was calling you a faget, and you cried

Now you lie to everyone
You tell them it was my fault
Then you lie about it to me
When I hear your lying voice come into play, it makes me so angry

Your acting crazy these days
Going with your boyfriend to do terrible things
You say you still care about me?
Well I think you need to stop the bullshit.

I've never been so sick with a person as I have with you
I hate being mad at you, I really do.
But your making it almost impossible
I've done all I could, and you don't care at all!

Well heres a message to you
We are done.
I'm tired of hearing how you have stabbed me in the back
I'm done listening to you lie and lie to me, your "bestfriend"

Well that titles gone
I don't even want to be in the same room as you
I'm done looking at your face
Leave me now to go do what you do with whoever, I'm finally moving on.

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