Walking Dead

Created by xXsohmafanXx on Saturday, May 29, 2010

The fluorescent lights blind me as I walk in

Tubes and wires line your skin.


I walk to your side, but you don’t notice.

I try to remember my singular purpose.


I pull up a chair and take seat,

Suddenly overcome with incredible heat.


I brush off my brow, removing the sweat.

The hardest part hasn’t come yet.


I grab your hand, pale white and cold.

Did I mention you look incredibly old?


Your eyes are listless, your skin is sagging

The smell is so horrid I feel like gagging


I talk to you, though you don’t respond.

I begin to cry, knowing my mom is gone.


You don’t react; I knew you wouldn’t.

I’ll come back tomorrow, even though I shouldn’t.


Things will be the same. They always are.

But if you’re to wake, I should never be far.


I leave the room and walk down the hall,

Wishing that I had never come at all.


The nurses they whisper, I know what they said.

“That poor girl looks like the walking dead.”

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