Can I Forgive You?

can i forgive u ex?

Created by AngelGothGirl on Sunday, June 13, 2010

Its hard for me to forgive
Once they hurt me
they stay as enemies forever
I plot my scheme of revenge
Their life may be on edge
But when it comes to you
The question comes on right on cue
You've been asking for my forgiveness
Your voice had the sound of sadness
It makes me feel so sympathetic for you
So I try to ignore your pleads
The ignorance doesn't work
It echoes in my ears and gives me chills
There has to be a form
where I can forget about the word "forgive"
I just can't forgive you
it's too much for me to handle
Everybody says to forgive him
Now they have me in doubt
Can I forgive you?
I don't really know if I should
If I forgive you
how will you react
Can I forgive you?
I can just imagine the look on your face
of shock and surprise
wondering where I got the nerve
to say to you "I forgive you"
Can I forgive you?
My mind is still uncertain...

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