the way i feel when im with you

Created by SpectacularAmazingful46 on Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The way I feel when Im with you

Its un-explainable times two

I get butterflies and I have no idea what to do

I always feel this way around you.

The amazing way you make me feel

Like for once I’m something real

Not a bet, not a deal

Loved and wanted is how I feel.

I’ve been used, I’ve been abused

Over that, you I choose

This time I’m kickin’ ass

With you, I can’t lose.

Boy around you I can be me

Boy, around you I shine

Kitty, lets flip a coin,

Heads, I’m yours, tails, you’re mine.

Lyrics and poems all about you

Yeah, I wrote em’

Love songs all about us?

Hellz yeah ill sing some.

You and me?

Yeah that’s chill

Although head over heels

Is how I feels.

People say “we” are bad

Wel people stink

I know you aint’ no prick

Wanna know what I think?

I think you’re lovely!

if life is being a bitch

I’m here for you

If you’re feeling blue

I’ll paint you a different color foo.

You make me laugh

When I wanna cry

Since I’ve met you

I’ve been happier than a bird with a french-fry.

Kitty and hope are nutn alike

But im just like you

Youre just like me

Were happy cant they see?

With you by my side I seem fearless

Not afraid to fail

Moreover im afraid not to try

That fear I believe is best.

This is just the beginning

Non fights, and nuthins fading

I love that I can be a total dork around you

Yet you still make me feel totally amazing.

As if being happy weren’t enough

Im always trippin over stupid stuff

Anymore, I don’t feel alone

Safe, with you, just like home.

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